Friday, 20 July 2018

One of Its Kind Luxurious Hotel of Madinah - Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel

A must have visit to Madinah i.e. to the holy city of Prophet Mohammed has become a necessary part of religious tasks for Islamic followers.
This is a place of second highest religious significance after Makkah. It is because of the fact that, millions in numbers appear from various parts of the globe to perform divine act of Umrah and pay their heartiest tribute to highest deity.

The act of Umrah is considered to be second best religious act after Hajj and ensure you purity of mind, body and soul. Anyone having the desire to perform such a pious prayer task can do the same and remove poverty from his/her life completely.

In case, you like to embark upon this holy journey in the upcoming days, then make sure to book your stay inside Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel Madinah.

Quite a luxurious and state of the art featured 4-star lodging like this sure to provide your unbeatable staying pleasure. One of its kind which is based on Turkish and Arabic theme sure to invite both leisure as well as business guests from various parts of the globe.

Brilliantly structured accommodation is situated just 700 meters away from Masjid Al Nabawi. Plus, Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque is just 300 meters away from the lodging. Marvellous shades of Arabic and Turkish decor and architecture in all 416 rooms and 100 suites of the hotel sure to catch your attention at a first glance. One can experience positive vibes in rooms that feature modern day style amenities and quite a refined ambience inside.

Special attention has been given to room windows from where one can witness the magnificent sight of Madinah city and Mosque in order to attain complete peace inside.

One can also savour the benefit of enjoyable delicacies being served at in-house dining area along with hot or cold beverages in order to refresh one's mind and body.

Onlineumra, offering the online hotel reservation with real time inventories for cities of Makkah al Mukkarama and Madina al Munnawara when planning for Umrah. Book now Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel in the historical, holy city of Medina.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Things to Make Sure to Look at in Hajj Package

Ramadan 2018
Performing Hajj is said to be most sacred act of spiritual value for every single Muslim no matter where he/she lives throughout the world. In order to purify one’s mind, body and soul and also from past sins, days long ritual of Hajj is being performed only once in a year. This makes its significance much special and relatives to the lives of Islamic individuals.

What is being suggested to make your ritual all the smoother and hassle free is to reach there in a pre-booked Hajj or Ramadan package because of the following few reasons:

•    Going to Makkah as well as Madinah in a package deal with your near and dear ones make you free from hassle of doing everything on your own like booking flight tickets, local transportation, hotel and guide.

•    Professional guidance will be provided throughout the journey to perform Hajj appropriately with no mistake at all.

•    You will be in safe hands to perform spiritual ritual in a best manner.

Now that going in a Hajj package has great deal of benefits on the part of travelers. There are some things that you need to keep in mind are as follows:

•    See whether the package travel agency is registered with Ministry of Hajj or not. Only registered travel agent should be trusted or sub agents who have relevant experience of the same.

•    A travel agent must have complete sense of knowledge and information regarding things like how to perform Hajj, what are the different modes of transportation, what are local sites to travel and what types of specialities are there.

•    Even in terms of lodging as well, travel agents must have plenty of options within their package offers. Of course, there is no such shortage of hotels in Makkah as well as Madinah, and you should be given liberty to choose on your own.

Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel is One of the Best

If somewhere down the line, you think of availing best of online hotel booking Madinah service, then do look at fascinating and glamorous looking Nozol Al Shakreen hotel Medina that features 10 floors, more than 416 luxurious rooms, modern set of facilities, Turkisha and Arabic style décor and much more.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Nozol Al Shakreen Madinah - Staying at Central Place is No More a Hassle for Madinah Travellers

Staying in the heart of Madinah is what every single pilgrim wishes for. Every single traveller has his/her own personal choice to find a resting place that best match up their standards and provide comfort that is memorable for a lifetime and is simply unbeatable.

This is exactly one can expect from Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel Madinah which is one of the strategic located Madinah Hotel ideally meant for its unmatched grandeur, luxury and optimum level of comfort.

Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel Medina
Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel
Leisure travellers like you, need not to travel much to offer to their prayers to Prophet Mohammed, as Masjid Al Nabawi is located just 1 minute away from the hotel.

This magnificent looking 4 star hotel in Madinah looks eye catchy to the eyes of onlookers due to its contemporary style space and décor inside with artistic furniture and user -friendly hotel staff everywhere.

Lavish rooms have exquisite looking décor full of elegant infrastructure that features fully carpeted floor, comfortable beds, modern range of amenities and an ambiance which is simply majestic.

Sophisticate dining is considered to be one of the fortes of this lodging that everyone can experience in its nicely settled restaurant area, where buffet breakfast service is also available for guests.

One of Its Kind Luxurious Hotel of Madinah - Nozol Al Shakreen Hotel

A must have visit to Madinah i.e. to the holy city of Prophet Mohammed has become a necessary part of religious tasks for Islamic follo...